Primes in Pi


Recently, I've been concerned with the fact that I don't know many large primes. Why? I don't know. This has led to a search for easy to remember prime numbers. I've found a few goods ones, namely

But then I remembered that I already know 50 digits of pi, memorized one boring day in grade school, so this got me wondering whether there were any primes among the digits of pi

Lo an behold, I wrote a little script, and found a few:

Found one, with 1 digits, is: 3 Found one, with 2 digits, is: 31 Found one, with 6 digits, is: 314159 Found a rounded one with 12 digits, is: 314159265359 Found one, with 38 digits, is: 31415926535897932384626433832795028841

I think it's usual for most science geeks to know pi to at least 3.14159, if you're one of those people, now you know a 6 digit prime! for free!


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