Clicky Data v1.0

image As we sift through the Clicky data Corky presented yesterday, let us not forget the Clicky that came before. Let us not forget the Great Server Move of 2011 and the great pains we felt while waiting for Clicky to come back to us: Corky sat in his room crying into his pillow, Alex was pressing his arrow keys longingly, and I just couldn't seem to get up in the morning. Let us not forget the many hours in which untold numbers of anonymous internet users tried in vain to spell simple words using only discrete steps on a finite lattice. Let us not forget the Great Server Crash that caused the physics department to be charged extra for data usage. Let us not forget Clicky v1.0. So today we remember him, our beloved Clicky v1.0, by releasing his data as well. It can be found close to the other Clicky data dump from yesterday at this location: Download Clicky v1.0 Be warned, this was actually available to the anonymous internet and there are a few things that may surprise you. That being said, the last half of this data set is actually comprised of multiple users interacting with Clicky at once so it should have different statistics than yesterday's data, though we have yet to sort through that too. More of our analysis is to follow.. Also, props to whoever made the dinosaur.


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