Physics Challenge Update

image Marty McFly realizes he is running out of time to submit his solution

Did you know that our Physics Challenge problem contest thingy is still up and going? It is! The contest will be open until the end of the day this Friday, November 4th. And, unlike last time, the winning solution will be chosen and posted by the end of the weekend. So even if you don't submit your own solution (though you totally should), check back here Monday morning for the winning entry. Why should you submit a solution to our problem? Lots of reasons! The top ten reasons as decided by a random sample of me are given below the break. Top Ten Reasons to Submit a Solution: 1) You will win super-awesome prizes! What kinds of prizes? Well how does a greeting card with kittens on the front and a collection of encouraging haikus from the entire Virtuosi staff written inside sound? It sounds awesome, awesome to the max. 2) You get to show off your totally rad physics skills! 3) You can put it on your resume/cv! The semi-annual Virtuosi Physics Challenge problem winners are held to the same esteem as Fields Medalists and Nobel Prize winners! 4) You will earn the respect and admiration of your peers! Winners of this contest develop an aura that all other people can see, fear, and respect. 5) You will become stronger, faster, and more productive than ever before! This is a scientifically proven fact perhaps. 6) You may gain the ability to talk to animals! Have you ever wanted to discuss espionage-related topics with a platypus (perhaps this platypus)? Of course you have! Winners can! 7) You will be in Presidential company! Did you know William Henry Harrison won the very first Virtuosi physics challenge contest shortly before becoming the ninth President of the United States? Yep! Tippecanoe and so can you! 8) Alemi will salute in your general direction. No questions asked. 9) You will give me work to do on the weekend! This will give my dull and uninteresting life a small glimmer of meaning! Hooray! 10) There's like a 50% chance that you will get three wishes from a magical genie named David Bowie (no relation). Seriously. Like 50%. That should get you properly motivated! So check out the Challenge Problem website and when you have a solution, send it to our email address (given up in the sidebar). Good luck!


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