On the Superposition of Hip and Hop

image For posterity, completeness and another superfluous Scott Bakula reference I present the following. It is an expression, through the majesty of song (rap), of our love for all things quantum and undead ( or perhaps a superposition of dead/ not dead states...? ).

We all know that the great physicist Paul Dirac, was not a vampire. What this rap presupposes is... maybe he was? If so, he would almost certainly be named Diracula. He would be especially good at physics. But he would especially be totally rad at rapping.

Without further ado, the Diracula Rapula:

Yo, its Diracula and I got something to say
Better listen close cause sometimes my teeth get in the way.

Of my rappin', but never my mathin'
Gonna work it strong, gonna make these monopoles happen.

Regardless of how you feel about me
and my strings with length semi-infinity
Respect my proclamation
cause you find just one and you got charge conservation

So let me take you on a Quantum Leap like Scott Bakula
Rockin' you out with my spectacular vernacular
Amazing math wunda of the undead
Blazin' through complex formulae in my head.

Classified by Linnaeus as Mathematica Rex
I'm peacin' out
watch your equations and watch your necks.

Diracula Out


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