Title: Contributors Date: 2010-01-01

Alemi is a PhD physics graduate student at Cornell University. I will be working this summer with the Sethna Group working on a project related to inter-atomic potentials in metals. I got my Bachelor's from Caltech majoring in physics. I enjoy reading the interwebs, thinking about crazy physics problems, dimensional analysis, and fermi problems. I have a real thirst for arcane and interesting trivia..

Alex is an experimental solid state physics graduate student in the Ralph Group at Cornell. He enjoys physics, but hopes to eventually switch fields into giant robot-building.

Corky was discovered by Czech explorers in Greenland in the early 13th century writing autobiographical sketches in the 3rd person. He is now a PhD physics graduate student at Cornell University.

DTC is a physics graduate student at Cornell. He enjoys network science, infectious disease dynamics, the history of science, word games, hiking, traveling, octopodes, and Batman.

Jared was made by other people. He makes accelerators. Start a band with him. Addendum by Jesse: He is a PhD physics graduate student at Cornell University.

Jesse is a PhD physics graduate student at Cornell University. He is working with Rob Thorne's group. He did his undergraduate at Oberlin College, where he majored in physics and mathematics. In his spare time, he reads lots of books, and when the weather is nice he likes to go on hikes. He also likes cats, and has two cats of his very own.

Both illusive and aloof, Js (short for Jesse, as in tie-Jesse, and as in not the other Jesse) has the amazing super-human ability to offend people at faster than light speed. Little is known about this creature, for sightings are rare and brief. However, when he does emerge from the lab, be sure to ask about the time he (CENSORED) (CENSORED) (CENSORED) with a massive (CENSORED) (CENSORED). You won't believe this true tale! Oh, also, Jesse graduated from Northeastern University with B.S. degrees in physics, math and philosophy. He now continues his studies at the Cornell physics department.

Like the rest of the Virtuosi, Nic Eggert is a PhD student at Cornell. He works on the CMS experiment, one of the detectors at the Large Hadron Collider. Nic got his undergraduate degree in physics from the University of Minnesota. In his spare time (not that he has much), he enjoys reading, playing video games, playing bass guitar, and brewing beer.

Sam came to the Cornell physics department to try to find a way to fight the merciless enemy of his Canadian homeland: the polar bear. The day they took his pet beaver was the day he swore he'd have his revenge. Then he got into accelerator physics which was much more interesting so now he mostly does that.

Yariv is a PhD physics graduate student at Cornell University. He is as old as the Earth and as wise as the sky. He came across the sea in a great machine made of metal and plastic accompanied by a mysterious cat who sees the future. In physics he's bounced from neutron form factors to percolation models, through deuteron beams to high-dimensional black holes. Sometimes he thinks he should have stuck with one of these subjects.